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Because of the handmade nature of our products, you may come across questions while ordering. Please reference the list below.

The shop is restocked every Saturday at 11am CST. Follow us on Instagram for updates on what designs are in production.

Putting items in your cart does not reserve them. Be sure to complete your order with payment in order to guarantee your fave earrings are yours!


For quick reference on how to care for your unique pair of earrings, see the section below.

Simply use a cotton swab or cotton ball with a little acetone or rubbing alcohol and gently rub the makeup off in quick, circular motions. 

If you see a little white residue left behind after cleaning, you can rub a MINIMAL (less than a drop) of baby oil, aquafor, or any petroleum gel based on that portion of the earring.


We may not be able to cover questions once the package is dropped off at USPS. However, here are a few helpful answers to the questions we can address.

USPS is currently understaffed and unfortunately does not always scan packages as they arrive, but rather scans them as they are "out for delivery". This results in packages sitting in "pre-shipment" for days or even over a week, even if they are in transit.

If this happens to you, please wait 10 business days from the date you received your tracking number. If your package tracking is still in "pre-shipment" you can email us at Sales@waraobrand.com

Please contact your local USPS and let them know. If you file a claim and then send that claim to us, we will file one on behalf of your package as well.


Below are some general questions about our products, company and other misc. inquiries.

The heaviest pair is Arcoiris and it weighs 1 ounce. Polymer clay is a very lightweight material